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    Urchin 5 / Google A . Transfering from Server to Server (Serial already activated)

    I am currently running Google Analytics/Urchin 5 (v5.7.02), on a server, the server has started to act up, (on its last legs etc) and now I am trying to transfer the Urchin Software to a new server, where it would work effectively.

    However upon installing the urchin software on the new server and running it (localhost:9999), I am presented with An Action Items Page, and these following choices

    Obtain Demo License
    Buy License
    Activate Pre-Purchased License

    I choose ‘Activate Pre-Purchased License’ pop in the Serial number and complete the registration then…

    Urchin Licensing Center -- Error!

    An error has occured during your transaction, please use the back button and correct the problem. The specific error message is:

    • Unable to generate a license. Some possible reasons:

    Your serial code is currently active <<< How do I disable it and use it on another server?

    So all I want to do is deactivate the serial and reactivate it on another server.

    Does anyone have experience with this or a similar problem or have a solution to this problem. Any help be most appriciated.

    Or even a Contact Number so that i can get some one over the phone!

    Thanks for any Help in advance.
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    In the event that someone experiences a similar problem,

    all you need to do is...

    make a trusted site Internet options >> Trusted sites etc

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    and you need to have your serial reactivated.
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