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    Unhappy Very Slow in IE and fast in Firefox

    my site is opening very slow in internet explorer and fast in Mozilla firefox; what do you think problem?
    please note IE is appearing site's background then parse site at once patch.
    Specs of site:-
    Server OS CentOS
    Web Server Apache
    Site Language PHP & MySQL
    Web browser: Firefox 1.5.8, IE 6.0 and IE 7

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    Well for one - IE if it is 7 - is much much slower than FF.

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    The site loads for me in IE just as fast or slow as in Firefox. - Is your site up?
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    I mean specially site which i administrate it

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    I guess you are referring to I cant notice a difference. - Is your site up?
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    Try clearing out your IE cache.

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    I'm already cleaned up cache of IE, strange problem that IE is cached site and parse it at once. please note that I'm not meaning my personal site.

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    Do you have any tags that are added that FF does not understand so it skips where IE tries to go through it? (only a thought)
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    Thanks for all efforts;
    I think an applet which loaded is cause site appear slow, for some reasons IE don't load page before finished load applet in opposition to firefox.

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    IE 7 in general has been much much slower
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    I would guess it has to do with the way Firefox preloads while IE waits for a full cache of the data to display.

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    On IE 7, turn off web phishing and try requesting the page again. Notice any difference?
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