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    Interesting error

    One domain always having problem if accessing from United Arab Emirates (UAE) its not always but some time in average 3 to 5 times I found in a week. The error I received i.e DNS lookup failure…

    At the same time mails are working fine for this domain from outlook and also if I access any other domain at same time which is on our same server then that also working fine.

    When above website down at the same time it’s accessing in other countries without any problem.

    I don’t have idea why its happening. I have below detail of my server.

    I am on NAT and checked with firewall and there is not such blocking.
    Using windows 2003 server with IIS 6
    MS DSN server installed on same server with 2 different static IP pointed on same server.
    Name Server: – IP: – IP:


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    Can you try readding the DNS zone for the website? -Transparent Technical Support for Webhosts
    Let the PROs handle your support

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