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    colocation help tower

    hi im currently looking into colocation for a server... basicly for a small web hosting company for friends and others... i wouldnt prefer to have a tower colocation as i currenly dont have a 1u or 2u rack avalible are there any decent colocations avaible without paying too much as im only jus starting out

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    If you're simply trying to avoid paying for rackmount cases, you could always buy a desktop case (perhaps from a local supplier?) which is 18" wide or less and sits horizontally, and have some colo provider rack it on a shelf. With the shelf, it would be roughly equivalent to 4U of colo, possibly even 3U if you manage to get a case that's thin enough. This is a good way to get colo companies to "play ball" with you, because otherwise they'd probably charge you for the full height of the tower, in rack units, which would be rather expensive for a single-server colo (or so this has been my experience in the past anyway).

    My recommendation is just a *very* short-term fix, which will keep your capital outlay minimal but will likely increase your monthly colo payment. Do this only if $100+ for a rackmount case is out of your budget, as you could probably reuse your existing PS and find a desktop case in the $20 range.

    I didn't address your original question, but I hope this helps none the less. BTW, welcome to WebHostingTalk!

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