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    Question Need Recommendations


    my basic requirements are..

    Super Fast Servers 2
    MS Sql 2005
    about 1 gb space
    High Bandwidth

    any good providers who can fullfil these??

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    How high would "High Bandwidth" be persay?
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    What kind of budget do you have? - Empower your site today!
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    Check out some of the companies here... You will find what you need from a lot of the webhosting companies listed here.

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    Bandwidth spcifically for a site something like or
    cost is not a factor, maybe whatever is market standards for quality services..

    PS: 1 GB that i have mentioned above is just for the start

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    Bandwidth spcifically for a site something like or
    Those are huge sites, using multiple servers. Something tells me your needs in the short term are much smaller than that. If you have a sure fire marketing technique, start with a dedicated server, otherwise, shared hosting is the way. All just IMO of course.

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