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    Trouble with New Domain Setup with Namecheap and DevotedHost

    Please forgive the long message but I am having major issues being able to get into a reseller account I just signed up for. Overview of what I have been going through:

    On the 15th, I attempted to transfer my domain out of Yahoo and into Namecheap. As of now, it still says "Transfer in progress. No known issues at this time." I entered the EPP code, responded to an email that came and still, several days later, it is still at this point. Though only one email sent to each, no response from either Namecheap or Yahoo. Going through yahoo, even though there is an area to change nameservers, I am unable to do it. It just will not let me.

    Right after I initiated the transfer, I signed up with DevotedHost. Since the nameservers were not changed, I was unable to get into cpanel.

    Finally running out of patience with waiting on the transfer, I signed up for a different domain name on the 20th, very similar to the first. I contacted DevotedHost and had them switch the account to the new domain. I read somewhere that even though it can take up to 72 hours, it is usually faster for new domains. I have looked at various reports and get what looks to me like weird information. Looking at the whois search through Namecheap, the name servers are DNS1.NAME-SERVICES.COM through DNS5.NAME-SERVICES.COM. Looking at sites such as, it shows the name servers I entered into Namecheap but gives some failure messages also. It was very quick that the information in the reports showed up and it has not changed now for several hours.

    At first, I only entered the name servers for DevotedHost but after a few hours, I entered the private name server information I was supplied to see if that would help. The failure messages was there before I entered those.

    I have contacted DevotedHost asking if I needed to wait until the name propagated. They said that I should be able to get into cpanel by using the IP address instead of the domain name. However, this does not work. I am normally not real needy when it comes to support but now, after several emails, I am still nowhere.

    A few years ago, I had signed up for a reseller account, using namecheap for the domain registration, and I do not know what it was that I did wrong but I had issues then also. That company went into my account, fixed the issue and I was then in very quickly. I am just afraid I have done something wrong again but DevotedHost said it appears ok. They have not gone into the account though.

    I am new to this. Even though I have viewed some of the reports, I don't really know what I am looking at. Is it possible that someone could look at the DNS report for personaldiversions dot com (can't post links since I'm new) and tell me if I really have issues going on or if I just need to be patient awhile longer. I am trying to be patient but after 6 days of fussing with this, patience is running out.

    Thank you.

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    Since I can't find a way to delete this message, will just say that issue is solved thanks to DevotedHost.

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