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    Operating a portal host

    A friend and I are building a plan for a portal hosting site, with free accounts supported by ads, and paid accounts having additional features like upgraded forums and photo galleries. I don't doubt that it could be set up with phpnuke like those free invision forum sites, but phpnuke has sooo many exploits.

    Would it be economical to have the portal software coded by a freelancer, and what do you guys think of this type of service?
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    i would say go for a freelancer, and there are many services like this. so your service must provide something unique which should make visitors look around.

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    Yeah a unique site should help you stand out from the crowd however this will be extremely expensive so you will need to weigh up the cost to benefit ratio before proceeding with this venture.

    Good look to you and post your url when you have it finished I would like to look around.

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    The good thing with creating your own is that you can license it to others, change it at any time you wish, AND... you're the expert on it, so there's no running to someone else to get permission to change something (or to find out how to change something). You can completely customize it to meet your needs, and it will fully meet your needs right out of the box because YOU designed it for YOU! So, in my opinion, that is definitely the way to go (if you couldn't already tell! ). Good luck!
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