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    Part-4 : Hosting Essentials

    This is my 4th tutorial about running a webhost.

    These are some things you must always practise and mantain through your companys life.

    • Support


    If you have a reseller with a company then you might need outsoruces support and thats it , it will be the best money you have ever spent, support is everything!
    You must always have people online ready to solve peoples problems ofcourse it will cost you but then again it will turn up as a valueable asset!
    the sites that i recommend are

    So far no bad review and good service as well.

    Dedicated and VPS:

    Ok dedicated servers and vps are VERY hard to manage problems you have never ever even heard of will come out of the wazoo and have you in a choke hold
    Its really hard securing a dedi server, there are problems that are completely bizarre such as memory and bandwidth leaks.

    NEVER go for cheap management its like having a crook do your financial management….your management company is the only thing you can rely on, my personal experience, when I started I used PSM and got hurt bad lost almost 300$ is never the way plus what would your customers think if they knew that you cant even pay for the mantainance of your server? That is certainly not a good picture.

    The only company id suggest is:

    • Refund

    ALWAYS keep a refund policy, what your customers pay you is not your allowance that you can spend on whatever comes first online, ALWAYS ALWAYS stay under the impression that the customer wants its money back and be ready with his/her refund, this is not only a full proof plan for your business but also a part of good ethics, and I believe in a COMPLETE REFUND guarantee rather then just 30/60/90 days, if they are unsatisfied with your service for any month offer a full refund for that particular month and resolve whatever it is that they are having problems with.

    Remember you are running a company not a scam, the money you get is given to you for a service!

    • Advertising/Marketting

    For any starting host the best way to advertise is Google Adwords:

    You must have at least a 100$ budget to get the word around on your host.
    Places like our very own WHT is also a great place to get advertising as well

    Click the link for more info on advertising here:

    • Policies

    Ahh yes the final part, policies are very important for a web host as they are the rules that you have to follow and the guidelines for day to day conduct, if you can make one up its great if not get it here:

    These really important , they tell any/all potential customers about what you offer and what are the rules and regulations that they have to follow and what kind of protection do they get by hosting with you.

    Hope you learned something new today
    That’s it for Part-4

    Next Part:
    Par-5 When to go bigger (RESELLER – VPS – DEDICATED – COLO )

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    Good job... very informative.
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    Thanks Ahmed, i got quite a few pms for another tutorial so here i am

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    United States
    Thank you for your nice tutorial!
    I hope part5 will post soon, very interesting!
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    No problem i just post my experiences and what ive learned from them
    trial and error i guess

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    You have done a fantastic job creating all of these tutorials. Thank you so much for your time and effort!


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    Flsh tutorials

    Keep it up, these tutorials look good to me.

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    I just wanted to also say thank you for creating these tutorials. They've given me things to think about.

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    Do you have any suggestions for non-indian support companies?

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    I suggest for any companies to use paying software, Because customers will want to see what your spending the money they give you on. It shows some reassurance to them.

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    Nice tutorial although i've been in this sector for 3 years now i can imagine that a starting company will find these tutorials helpfull.

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    Very helpful, thanks

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    You should write a book on this. =)

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    One more thing I would like to add to this list. Always, Always have a monitoring system. There is nothing more embarrasing then getting a client saying.your server is down and your like not it's not. Tell your client's if it is! I recommend Alertra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by repoman
    One more thing I would like to add to this list. Always, Always have a monitoring system. There is nothing more embarrasing then getting a client saying.your server is down and your like not it's not. Tell your client's if it is! I recommend Alertra.
    Quite true. Hyperspin is also very good too (and possibly a little cheaper).
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