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    do all hostnames and nameservers use the same domain on the same server???


    Im currently designing a client management system and have a question.

    Does it every occure that a nameserver domain is different than the same servers hostname domain?


    Im asking because when creating a new domain account the admin has the option of entering the servers:

    domain = (,
    hostname prefix = (server1),
    nameserver prefix's = (ns1/ns2)

    If some nameserver domains are different from the hostname domain then i will have the option to enter full hostname and nameservers otherwise i will just allow the admin to enter the prefix' for the hostname and nameservers.

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    I hope I do understand you correctly that what you are asking is "if you can use the nameservers from different domain name" ?

    Yes you can do that. As you pointed out above you can use and as name servers f.e. for

    Please post again in case I missunderstood you.

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    Its very simple. Say there is host They setup and

    The website of this host ( will use these nameservers, and thus the domain will be the same.

    However, for all clients that have a domain with this host, the nameserver domain will be different. A client with domain will still need to use the ns1/ nameservers

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    Many still do..but it's not hard to setup the nameservers so they can allow for..say..resellers to use the same nameservers. If Joe signs up for a reseller account..let's say is his domain..he has to setup with is registrar to ahve a ns1 and These records point to the hosts nameserver's ips and it seems (to the novice) that joe has a his own server. The truth's easy to find out that Joe has a reseller account on another host.

    Many people lump both nameservers on the same physical server. This is a very, very big mistake. If you don't have two dedicateds...get a vps elsewhere from a decent host to provide secondary's much safer and better that way.

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