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Thread: Sendmail issues

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    Sendmail issues

    I am having trouble getting sendmail to send email from my server. Godaddy is doing my DNS.

    Here is my hosts file: localhost.localdomain localdomain bk1.localdomain bk1
    Basically, any email sent from my server is being rejected because it's being sent as [email protected]

    My friend has the same setup, except he is using postfix and set the hostname to I am trying to do the same but nothing is working...

    What do I do? Do I need to dig around in my DNS settings on godaddy and change the CNAME mail to point to @ (my domain) or what? I am very confused....

    Can someone please chime in or give some tips.


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    You're going to have to post a rejection message to further troubleshoot it, as it is unlikely your mail is being rejected because your hostname is set wrong.

    A few things to consider:

    1) some hosts require that your hostname maps to an ip, and the ip maps to the same hostname

    2) your hosts file should have localhost and localhost.localdomain, not localhost.localdomain and localdomain

    3) if your friend's server announces itself as, then he either configured it to announce as that, or that is what he set his hostname to on his server.

    4) it is not necessary for your server to announce itself as, just as long as it resolves both directions.

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