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    Quick Question

    Not sure if this is the right section but...

    If 100 people downloaded a 800MB file at once, about how much b/w would that use?

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    It would depend on the rate each person was downloading it at.
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    As I'm presuming you mean ~1MBit (100KBps rather than kilo-bits)...

    you'd be looking at ~100MBit, and with tcp overhead you'd have at least one if not two or more of those connections not reaching a stable/steady 100KBps download stream.

    To further with regarding to bandwidth usage you'd be pushing the limits of a 100MBit port if you were to run that much all month long (~32000GB).
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    Well it wouldn't run that much all month long, this is just one file I plan on uploading to my service. I assume about 100 people are going to download it.

    I currently have 1450GB b/w left for the month, I'm wondering if that will be enough or not.

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    1450 GB - 80 GB bandwidth = 1370 GB b/w

    You're okay

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    Someone told me to do 800 x 200...which is way more bandwidth than I have.

    Is that the formula to figure it out?
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    Why 200? You just said only 100 people will download the file

    Either way, 200 downloads will still only be 160GB traffic. With 1450GB left that should still be no problem at all.

    A 100Mbit port can roughly handle 40GB per hour max. So with 80GB all people should have downloaded it in two hours, with an average rate of 100KB/sec
    200 downloads will mean that it takes 4 hours, with an average rate of 50KB/sec per download.
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    ^Ok thanks. Can you inform me on what forumla to use to figure that out?
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    What exactly are you after? There is no "formula", it's not rocket science!

    Are you confusing bandwidth with transfer?

    If 100 people download 800MB, then the total transfer will be 100*800MB, or 80GB

    Your bandwidth just provides a limit as to how fast those 100 people will be able to grab the data - the total transfer will remain the same.

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