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    Thumbs up SliceHost - 1 Month Review

    So thats me been with SliceHost for 1 month now. Here is my review of the service so far, and, it is a very positive review, I honestly don't have a great deal to complain about. Here is a review of the service so far...

    Finding SliceHost
    I had recently abandoned my Shared Hosting and set out for something to give me a bit more management of the whole situation, and I was already paying for that and a couple of other services (Teamspeak, psyBNC etc). I figured it would be easier for me just to get a server and do all this myself.
    So, I opted for a VPS has a Dedicated Server seemed a bit overkill. I came accross the SliceHost name after reading a couple of positive comments on here about them. So I promptly found myself in their live chat room, where Matt (the founder) was instantly answering every question and queerie I could throw at him. The thing about SliceHost, is that they give you a naked server, a minimal installation where the rest is upto you. I signed up for the 256MB package (I don't need much more than this).

    Setting It Up
    I filled out the form and entered my credit card details (SliceHost only support debit/credit cards). After clicking submission, I had my VPS details in my inbox in under 30 second. The e-mail directed to me the SliceHost Control Panel, where I selected the OS of my choice (Ubuntu Dapper, CentOS 4.3, Gentoo 2006.1), and built my slice in under 2 minutes. After this, I was SSH'ing to my server and setting things up instantly.

    The Control Panel
    Unlike some other VPS providers I have enquired about, SliceHost have built their own custom Control Panel. The Control Panel itself is very easy to navigate, and basically allows the user to carry out unlimited rebuilds and restarts (hard and soft) of the VPS. It also allows the user to manage payment details, and provides Console access to the VPS. Finally, it also allows management of Backups and Snapshots (however, these have been disabled since I joined due to a Xen bug causing hangs on the system). It also shows your current bandwidth usages, system status and update etc, and allows for the user to instantly add and remove additional VPS's. Other than that the Control Panel doesn't do much, but this is the beauty of SliceHost, they provide the bare minimum for people who want to customize their servers.

    I have no issues at all with the reliability of SliceHost, I use a Status Script and a site monitoring service to view my uptime, and its all been solid. The only time the server has restarted was for a Xen upgrade, in which I was given 1 weeks notice of this. Other than that, the VPS became unreachable for a couple of hours once, but this was due to a network problem outwith SliceHost, and neverheless they provided a full explanation and apologised.

    Quality of the VPS
    One thing that SliceHost pride themselves on is their "No Overselling" policy. They guarantee never to put too many VPS' on a server, and I have to say that I agree. My VPS load averages a fairly high level (for my package anyway) and even with this I have never experienced any problems with slow loadings of sites/services/SSH etc.

    Support and Help
    SliceHost operate a Live Chat Room, Blog, Forums, Wikipedia and FAQ. On top of this, they have 24/7 e-mail support with a high-priority option giving instant notification to a technician should a serious problem arise. Now i've never had any "serious" problems, but once I had a bit of trouble logging into the Control Panel. I simply e-mailed the support, and within 5 minutes the problem was fixed. A great thing i've found about SliceHost, is that even if your problem is nothing to do with your server, the staff are always on hand to "shoot the breeze" as they put it, whether this is in the Live Chat Room, or in the Wikipedia or Forums.

    SliceHost network is based on Tier-1 bandwidth, and are located in St.Louis, MO. Now, I am located in Scotland, and despite being in a totally different continent, I still get great download speeds. As I have said previously, the only problems I have ever had was a few hours of downtime, which was an external network issue. SliceHost's VPS's do have bandwidth limits, but they are very relaxed about them. They claim to ignore small overuses of bandwidth, but I have yet to exceed my limit so I cannot comment on this for sure.

    In all honestly, none come to mind. The only thing that might be considered a drawback is that they do not offer any DNS services or Domain Registration services. But with sites like available, this doesn't become a huge problem.

    Overall I am very very pleased with the service that SliceHost has given me, From day 1 it's been a professional, friendly company with everything going flawlessly. They don't put limits on things like rebuids and restarts, which is perfect for developers and people getting to know server management. However, I should note that SliceHost are not for everyone, they offer a bare minimal installation of Linux and thats that. If you are not confident with Linux, then you should either read a Linux book or go elsewhere.

    Well thats everything I can think, if theres anything missing or anything else you want to ask, then ask away. I will post a 2 month review in another 30 days.


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    I'd use their vps before,everything is nice,but the ping is very higher to my place,Shanghai.So I'm waiting the middle next year they own a new network
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    Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice review for the community Daniel. We're glad you enjoy our service and are working hard to make it even better in the new year.
    Slicehost - Xen VPS hosting
    Community - Forums, wiki, chat and technical articles

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    Thanks for the review, I might get a slice with them sooner or later.

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    I realise there are some typo's in my review, it was late and I was typing fast

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    Thumbs up Another endorsement

    I too signed up with slicehost about a month ago. While I'm not running any active sites on my slice as it's my development platform, I have to say service has been excellent, and any questions I have had were answered quickly. It was exactly what I was looking for.

    By that I mean an unmanaged VPS with good support for the things I really need support for, the network and the hardware underneath, I can take care of the rest.

    Thumbs up!

    -- A quick aside, I don't know if it's the network they're hosting from, or the machines, or what, but one thing I noticed immediately when SSHing into my box is that the responsiveness of the machine was GREAT. I haven't specifically tested the latency between me and my slice, but it must be impressive, because it outperforms any other box I remotely administer (currently 3-4 boxes scattered around the net) on a regular basis.

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    I went to their web site but can'y find their pricing or plans.
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    Their prices and plans are on the very front of the site: and scroll down about half way....

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    daniel_grant and StuartH, what domain/s do you have hosted with slicehost?
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    My domain is in my signature.

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    Actually, if they provide 24h a day good support, they have quite nice offers - just a bit more expensive than the cheaper ones, but they have 24hour support, which might mean a lot.

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