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    chronopay3rdParty application problem

    just rang chronopay regarding a third payment processor. Im interested in SETTING up a business. resreached it for 18 months great idea great customer base. researched suppliers for my product - ridiculous profits i just want to set the site up etc. chronopay say i i need to set up a business account. can anyone reccomond the least complicated form of business to set up so i can just get on with it. Sole propietership is this enough for a payment processor? or do i need a corporation? cheapest and simplist is the best for me someone please help

    WHat is the easist way and definate way to get accepted by a payment processor. I have never ran a business before .


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    For direct accounts V/MC requires you to have a legal presence (either citizenship or an incorporation) in the same country as the bank. Typically, as long as you are a citizen, you can get a merchant account as a sole trader / proprietor as long as the name on the settlement bank account matches the name on the merchant agreement. If you're not a citizen, then you have no choice but to incorporate. If its a third party account in Europe, their acquirer be requiring an EU which case they should be able to give you some guidance as to the best place to domicle it.
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