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    SelectByte, I want some answers....

    Ok well it all started last night, I ordered a server that was linux, yes I knew it was linux, but I thought I would give it a try. He told me if I didn't like it that I would get a refund.

    I got on this morning and asked for a refund, I have had the server for 12 hours now, they said no. I got pretty pissed...

    I file a claim dispute with paypal and I don't expect to get that for atleast 30 days and thats ok... So I call the host company and they tell me they never received the money, and that the money was placed on "hold" and to call paypal... I call paypal and the money was sent directly and wasn't on hold...

    So I call back and then this company is trying to tell me I NEVER even signed up from them, and that mine package never even EXISTED... I give them the IPs and that the IPs belonged to infinity internet, which they [selectbyte] has no assocation with them....

    Which this causes more confusion.... I checked my email and looked at the 2 emails I got from select byte and one WAS from and one was from some gmail account[the server info] So now im confused as ****.


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    Sorry to hear about your misfortunes....I read some horror stories about SelectByte and I hope you get it resolved. Good luck!

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    hahahah i called infinity and they told me they do the colation and internet for selectbyte so now selectbyte is lying ;]

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    Please don't get too freaked out but whats up with your running blog about your last 24hours.

    First you get a vps to run a largish gameserver. Wrong.

    Then you go to buy a linux box simply because you save a few bucks when you don't know linux. Wrong again.

    Now you are upset because you having received that box can't get refund. Honestly I know it sucks but these are your mistakes not your providers. I can't comment on the saying that you never signed up other than if they are saying that, then what server are you trying to sell off to someone else WHILE you are trying to get a refund on it.

    Can't you see that you may be selling a box to someone then getting a refund which will cause the host to shut down that server? Is this your intent?

    You are a bad bad kid.
    Can't we all just get along

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    im not a bad kid, i wouldnt of sold it to some one if I knew i was going to get a refund, and i requested my taekover topic to be closed

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    Now that you've filed a paypal dispute, I wouldn't be surprised if they shutdown your box AND keep your money once you lose the dispute.

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    I think there are a few selectbyte staff/techs here, hopefully they will have some answers for you

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    We never did say we provide any money back:
    [19:46] SoniD2: do you happen to do money back guarantee?
    [19:46] SelectByte: Unfortunately we do not provide a money back guarantee unless network downtime occurs.
    However, we did give a refund as a kindness of our service. We do colocate in IInet datacenter, as we are not resellers.

    All the other "horror stories" have been fixed and each one got proper refund/issue resolved.

    It would be nice of the OP can state that his refund was given, as he neglected to put that in.

    Thank you,
    SelectByte - Performance should be noticeable - VPS Hosting at its best. - Affordable & Reliable Shared & Master Reseller hosting services

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    See, now we have an explanation

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