Hi All,

Spry.com today is announcing a 30% offer for all WHT users, in celebration of Thanksgiving! WHT has been great to us, and would like to give what we can to all the great users around here looking for a new affordable VPS Hosting solution.

This offer is 30% off for the entire lifetime of the account. New clients only please! Offer only valid until Midnight on Sunday this week.

Also, for you to take advantage of this offer, you need to chose a billing cycle of quarterly or above!

Coupon Code (Enter upon ordering of account): WHT-30OFF-1120

Advantage to choosing SPRY for your VPS Hosting account:

Network: Spry maintains a 100% uptime guarantee on all our VPS accounts, due to the fact that we are so proud of our network. We utilize premium tier-1 bandwidth providers on all accounts, and guarantee access to the network 100% of the time.

Managed Support: All of our VPS Hosting plans are managed solutions. We will provide full support for all applications that come pre-installed on your VPS. We also monitor your servers, and have technicians available 24/7 to help you with any issues or complications you may come across. Toll free phone support, as well as e-mail is available to all customers.

Other Extras:
- FREE choice of CPANEL / PLESK / WEBMIN control panels with every account
- 30 day money back guarantee on all new accounts
- Robust & Stable VPS platform for all VPS accounts.
- Premium bandwidth and hardware architecture.
- Full Nightly Backups of entire account.
- 24/7 Level 3 Technical Support
- Best effort 3rd party program install support
- Fantastico, RVSkin, & Client exec available with every account.
- Dual XEON / SCSI Hardware

Our Plans:

-From only $29/mo with coupon

-From only $29/mo with coupon


-From only $14/mo with coupon

Spry's datacenter is located in Seattle, Washington in the Westin Building. Spry utilizes several upstream BGP providers including Verio and Peer1, and is an active member of the Seattle Internet eXchange. Please use as a test IP or download http://www.spry.com/test/bigfile.zip

Contact Sales at 888.808.SPRY