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    Invoicing Software?

    I'm looking for some new invoicing software that's free or inexpensive, has the ability to have invoices styled to my liking, and hopefully able to write to PDF intrinsically. I don't need much, really - the ability to store clients, calculate bills hourly or via retainer, and the ability to generate invoices from the data fed are all I want. Windows XP or web-based, either is fine with me. I'm looking to do something that would not attach itself to my web hosting at all because I have clients who do not use me for web work but instead offline design.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Do you not have a webhosting control panel thing that does this or is it just to store client information payment etc?. Because you do get software like modernbill etc where you have invoices done for you.

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    We have been using Quickbooks Online edition for over a year now and are very pleased with the product. I don't know what your budget is, I think we are paying $29.99/mo and we do all of our monthly statements and consulting/web-design invoicing through QB. We manaully replicate our ModernBill invoices so our clients have an accurate statement at the end of the month and for reporting purposes, but if you are not using another billing system and can run everything through QB it works well, has not went down and is moderately priced for the features.

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    Thanks to everyone who has posted. I will check out blinksale and freshbooks, especially if they start out free. My volume is quite low, only six or so active word-of-mouth clients, but the services I give are widely varied and it always seemed to me that modernbill is skewed really heavily to invoicing mainly hosting. Since the volume is low, free is what I'm looking for, for sure.

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