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    Lightbulb Dedicated server 500GB traffic NO SETUP FEE! Instant Activation!

    WebXS : Rotterdam. The Netherlands

    >>> Setup time: instant activation! <<<
    >>> 6 Servers on stock <<<

    Be fast, before we run out of stock


    Supermicro Server
    AMD Athlon 3800+ (2.2Ghz 1mb cache)
    1024 mb DDR
    80 GB SATA HD
    10GB Backup space on a different server

    500 GB data traffic !!!
    3 IP's (more on request)
    Linux : CentOS 4.4

    Euro 65,00/month
    No setup fee!

    * Directadmin 7,5 Euro a month
    * 250GB traffic 35 Euro a month

    What are your peerings & how big are your uplinks?

    * 1000Mbit/s MFN/Abovenet - Transit
    * 1000Mbit/s Teleglobe - Transit
    * 1000Mbit/s Interroute - Transit
    * 100Mbit/s Versatel - Transit
    * 1000Mbit/s AMS-IX Peering
    * 100Mbit/s NL-IX Peering
    * 100Mbit/s FreeBIX Peering
    * 100Mbit/s - Caveo B.V - Private Peering

    What is the price of extra ip's?

    * Free as long as the are ok with the RIPE rules.


    Uplink: full duplex 100Mbps.
    No Setup fee.
    Setup time: instant.
    Contract Term: 3 months.
    All fees are monthly and in Euro. Add 19% VAT for EU residents.
    Billing: Payment in advance per 3 months. Credit card (PayPal).
    Locations: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Test file: 10mb Bin
    Test ip:

    We give email, telephone and msn support.

    MSN : [email protected]

    To order send a email:
    Email: info AT

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    nice offer again

    you didnt answer me if irc is allowed and also if you offer any kind of ddos protection?

    how much for +500GB traffic ?
    bandwidth is both in+out or one way only?

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