We have recently been involved with the setting up of a UK hosting branch of our business, i personally know its a flooded market, more than making a few pounds if your lucky enough to be late enough to get in and have few if any customers.

We currently run a successful Linux company of which to advertise our new ProntHost service on but we also use adwords.

Im looking for people with experience on Web Hosting advertising on Adwords. When someone clicks on the ad, what do they prefer to see? action, or info?

We have our landing page set up to explain the core functions of our business but im unsure wether customers would prefer to land on a page of action, (ie this is the packages we offer, here is the order button).

We have admittedly spent too much on the backend of our operation, to my dismay and for the frontend, i made sure i got through one simple word..... Simplicity. Yes simplicity is assumed as cheap but quality and service will prevail i hope.

Please get back on what your adwords experience has brung you and any hints and tips on landing page suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help.