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    Hello I was wandering what you may recomend as a good company to host with. My site is almost ready to go live, I am hoping as most designers hope that the site will take off to astronomic proportions. I was wandering if there were any companies that people may recommend..

    1/ Basically I want a hosting company that should the site take off like myspace, will have the infustructure to handle this.
    However this company will have to be cheap as at the moment I have zero users.

    2/ Could anyone tell me who large sites like 'myspace' host with, or do they all have their own servers?.

    3/ Would you suggest getting my own server and then as things progress to copy all the data to a larger hosting company?

    Thanks J.

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    Myspace have their own Datacentre space within the US and globally, most likely within Teir1 telco's facilites. But they are perhaps the biggest site in the world inregards to traffic, so need that level of solution.

    Your idea to start small is good, as you can verify the concept you're offering. Being with a Host that can scale you up will be important if your site takes off, as this growth stage can be incredible quick and a bad host can stall or even prevent your success if your idea is a good one!

    I like the grid hosting offerings that are in the US at the moment. They give great quick scalabilty for unknown traffic levels seen in Web 2.0 startups, and when you have a solid service offering, then you can go and get your own hardware etc.

    Or you can build a platform from day one that scales simply. ie get all the infrastucure in place that can horizontally and vertically scale with minimal downtime and upgrade costs. A good host will be able to offer you presales advice for this if you have a reasonable understanding of what you are looking for.

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    Hi, thanks for the response, and my apologies for the outragous amount of time it has taken me to thankyou. I apreciate your advise, and have looked into grid hosting. I was wandering whether you or anyone could recoomend a specific compnay that you have used or are using?
    My site is flash site and requires a lot of comunitcating with a mysql database with php.
    MAny thanks to any responders.

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    You can try Futurehosting or Wiretree.

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    How much do you willing to spend as start for your server? Do you like managed or unmanaged?

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    recently heard that some of the USA based GRID hosts are having "teething" troubles with the solutions. Quite bleeding edge at the moment, so bound to be problems. Great principle however and I'm sure it will offer a quantum shift when it works well.

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    Thanks for all your responses, the reading I found on grid servers kinda suggested that they were having problems especially with MT who were basically over subscruibing therefore ruining any benefit.

    I would prefer a managed server because with the greatest respect to you server guys, I am more intereseted in the website side than the server side (excuse punn).

    At the moment I am hosting with powweb, one price one plan... cheap as chips, although they offer 3000mb bandwidth a month, that works out to approx 1mbps, not bad for 5.77$ a month!
    However I this is obviuosly not the pro route. I can afford a dedictaed server to start but one that is not managed, which leaves me open to possible problems because security wise I know nothing about servers.

    I just don't want to shoot myself in the foot by starting with somewhere and then finding my site takes off hugely but I have got the wrong thing.

    I assume big websites have all their own servers or do they use hosts aswell?
    Am I worrying about nothing. Should I just get a single dedicated server with a company and then as the site gets more users the hosting company can add more servers if needed?
    Do companies offer this? they all appear to offer single dedicated servers but if the site were to take off I would need more than one sever to handle the site?

    Sorry for the insane amount of questions but as you can see I am somewhat confused any further help much appreciated. thanks.

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    Really large companies will have their own servers. Edging onto being large companies may have an unmanaged or managed server depending on their needs so that they can use the server to suit their needs.

    You may wish to consider a company that offers Managed VPS and dedicated servers. Then you do not need to worry about security etc. Another plus is if your website takes off then you can move to the same companies dedicated solutions making an easy transfer.
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