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    great now what -_-

    Those who read my post about complaining of surfspeedy's horrible service. this is a continuation of it.

    I initiated the trasnfer of my first domain name (the one that is over 60 days old) to they need an ECC code to complete the transfer. (and I'm supposed to get it from surf speedy)

    I went to to find a contact of someone. First i sent a support ticket which took until now to reply (5 days later), the person who replied writes

    Dear Sir

    Please give us the login ID of the enom reseller account in which your domains will be pushed.

    Team Support"

    (referring to the domain name i was trying to transfer, but i've heard now namecheap doesnt allow domains to be pushed to them so i'm going to wait for the rest of the 60 days) I mainly asked for the ECC code for my first domain to be transfered.

    Since they locked me out of the system I couldn't reply to the ticket (I can only innitate them without logging in). If i email [email protected] i just get an auto repsonse telling me they didnt receive the message and i need to use thier support ticket system.

    So i clicked the manager review button on their page (this was actually 2 or 3 days after i initated the first ticket) explaiing my non respnose and also my inability to login to the system to reply to support tickets. I've received no response to this.

    So next I tried to contact them via their "live online chat". but it says it is only available 8-11 am (what strange hours) even during these hours i've never seen it available.. ever.

    So my last attempt to contact anybody at surfspeedy has been via the phone number on the top of the page. As i orginaly assumed it's either not a real number or it is disconnected. (i even called it twice double checking the number)

    So i officaly have no real way to contact them. And I have no idea what to do to get this ECC code.

    I think I may attempt to contact enom (both surfspeedy and namecheap are resellers of enom) but from what i hear their support is very lacking as well

    Also, how are ECC codes generated? Can i request it before the transfer is initated? (I think i should go ahead and start requesting the ECC code for my 2nd domain becasue at this rate itll be 60 days old by the time I get it)
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    hmm, bump

    btw still no reply from either enom or surfspeedy

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    If you are listed in whois, enom should give you the EPP code needed to transfer the domain, the registrar has to give you that code, if the reseller doesn't give it to you, contact enom, you can also open a free enom account and use their ticket system to ask the code, as an easy way to get in touch with them.

    Good luck!

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    on enom it seems if you sign up there you need to buy something, which I'm not planning to do.. (unless I seem to not be heading for the correct sign up form?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterdanny
    on enom it seems if you sign up there you need to buy something, which I'm not planning to do.. (unless I seem to not be heading for the correct sign up form?)
    This is not correct. At least in part...

    You can get a free $8.95 reseller account from many people here... Then you'll be able to use their ticket system and they are quite quick in answering that...
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