Dear all,

I am an exclusive partner of Comodo and is currently recruiting some resellers to reseller Comodo's products like SSL Certificates, HackerGuardian Scan, Trust Logo and a wide range of products offered by Comodo.

Advantage of becoming reseller under me is currently we are at initial stage of recruiting new reseller, therefore it is free to join, however, we have limited spaces available, so sign up now at

if you are interested. Once you sign up, email me at [email protected] to indicate your expected volume of sales of the certificates and products so we can subject your account to approval depending on the number of slots that are available.

Sign up now for
* Below market prices for Comodo products (prices are listed on the sign up page)
* Manage your clients yourself! No middle man!
* Your own Comodo reseller control panel to mange your orders

Sign up now while slots last!

Because we are currently recruiting potential resellers to work with us, we will be providing them the option of lowering their buy prices with a TOP-UP amount in the near future to enable our resellers to enjoy better pricing for the products.

Thank you!

Jackson Yap
APC Hosting