Hello,my name is Adam.
I am looking for a job (Support preffered but sales would do also.)
I have experience in web hosting (over 3 years in the business with shared,reseller,VPS and Dedicated Servers).I also have experience in investment programs.I speak english,polish and some german.I live in Poland (Central Europe GMT+1 Timezone).I know alot about Game Hosting (hosting,modding,selling game servers).I am also good in Web Promotion and making money from advertisement.I was Forum Moderator many times (once on a web hosting forum who was offering free hosting for posting).I was also a salesman once.I am creative and have many ideas on how to improve.I can work over 6 hours daily.As Support i will do Forum Support,Email Support,Live Support,IM Support and anything else which will be necessary for this job.I was serving as support for over 15 Months and i am really advanced and experienced doing it...i can handle any type of customer and solve thier problems very fast.As for sales i don't have as much experience as in support...but i will handle it.

Payment: PayPal,E-Gold (Weekly or Monthly Based)

As you may see i am young and i learn many things fast...afcourse,i didn't tell everything i know here....i am also a regular and active member on Freewebspace.net forums (630+ posts which mean that i'm not a newbie).

MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Best Regards,
Adam Selin.