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Thread: Howzit from .za

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    Talking Howzit from .za

    Sup ppl, im new here (DUH)

    I want to resell hosting from my host who is willing to give me a reseller account. I want to sell hosting, BUT with ready made websites CMS to be exact i design they buy , there's only one other company out there doint this so the market is pretty big in my country

    regards 3x

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    Apr 2006
    Thnx for letting me know, will snatch up the rest of the market soon :p

    Welcome to wht! I'm also pretty new here and also from SA!

    What site do you run if you have one yet?

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    Hi welcome to Webhostingtalk.

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    shot alot!
    well no i have made some sites fr others but none for myself yet...
    what billing sytems do you use?
    regards 3x

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    Make a site for yourself quick, it's kind of weird making websites and convincing other people they need sites if you don't have a site yourself

    I use clientexec for billing!

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