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    sysadmin wanted for mta/imap/mysql help

    My server: vps powered by cpanel although I don't acutally use cpanel at all as I'm not a reseller just want the ability to ssh into my box.

    I'm working on a project where I will have users that can point their domain name (including mx record) at my server and then while logged into my service should be able to configure email services for their domain.

    They should be able to add new email accounts, and also foward accounts (ie : forward [email protected] => [email protected])

    Similarly, there should be an imap service that allows them to log in and check their mail.

    I would like all of the email configuration information to be in a mysql table so that I can manage the email config information in real time from the web application.

    I have read about some exim/courier-imap/mysql configurations that might work, but Im not very savy with configuring exim/imap etc...

    I need someone who can work with me to figure out the best way to make this happen and then can do the work to make this happen.

    Note: I don't need a programmer to create the user interface, my guys will do that. I just need someone that can configure the mta, imap app, etc so that my objectives can be achieved.

    Please email me if you can help:
    [email protected]

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    I agree, but the users of my website do not have access to cpanel. I want them to be able to log into MY website and configure their email services.

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    Your users can access the webmail interface through the link http://domainname/webmail with their email account and password.
    liwiplus Team,
    The Support Sages

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    The user's domains are not in cpanel and the users do not have any accounts in cpanel.

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    u can use postfix+imap+mysql+...
    just as described here:

    if u want to have your dns stuff in mysql db too u may use bind-dlz for latest bind patch

    and for apache2

    doing it this way you can have all stuff in mysql db
    then u just need simple admin panel written for example in php and u r at home

    if u want i can help u installing everything
    i use such software combination on my servers and everything works just fine - family business, small travel agency in Poland

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