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    Problem with PHPsuexec

    We are having problems getting PHPsuexec to work properly. We need to have it installed to find the source of an out-of-control script. When we compile suexec ALL scripts die, no matter what, even if permissions are set and everything. We have tried re-compiling numerous times, and can't figure it out. Any ideas on where to start?

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    Please check your .htaccess . Phpflags wont work with phpsuexec.
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    Running phpsuexe on servers is a very good idea, especially when user scripts are causing problems.

    All you need to look into is the permissions on your files/folders, and then(as linuxcares suggested) your .htaccess directives.
    The maximum permissions permitted on directories and .php files is 755. Failing to have have permissions set to a maximum of 755 on php files and their installation paths, will result in a 500 internal server error, when attempting to execute them. You do not need to have directories or files set to 777.

    Also you cannot control the php.ini settings with .htaccess when running phpsuexe. If your .htaccess file has php_ values specified within it, you will receive an 500 internal server error.
    The most probable reason for the issue you are having is the .htaccess directives.
    All php values should be removed from your .htaccess files to avoid this issue. You can place a custom php.ini in its place.

    You would also want to check the server error logs to see the exact error... - the name says it all!
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