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    PowerVPS 18-month review


    an 18 month review of PowerVPS services

    - support: 9.6 / 10
    excellent and getting better all the time. a mature and knowledgeable support team. have not seen better anywhere else (hosting since 1996). if you are new to VPS you should seriously consider PowerVPS if only for the service, as the assistance is superb and the learning curve smooth. if and when you become a bit more expert, as time passes by, you may consider alternative additional hosts, for dispersion purposes only

    - price: 9.3 / 10
    most other quality hosts are more expensive, for equivalent plans, so PowerVPS may be considered competitive. - therefore: very good value, certainly not cheap

    - speed: 9.6 / 10
    very good, fewer hoops than any other host, from almost anywhere in the world (tested extensively through Hyperspin and WinMTR)

    - uptime/ reliability : 9.7 / 10
    excellent and getting better all the time - personally have not experienced any better uptime anywhere else, for 10 years now

    I have contributed this review of PowerVPS because I am very happy with my experience during the past 18 months with them. this has been my best host, by far, during my 10 year hosting experience. there have been some minor problems during this period, but these have been exactly that: minor - a mere confirmation that nobody is perfect. I cannot avoid the temptation of making a parallel comment, as follows: two years ago I purchased a new Mercedes-Benz car: was it perfect in every respect? no - did it have minor (unexpected) issues? yes - is it an excellent car? yes - will I be a repeat buyer? you bet! same goes for PowerVPS.



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    hi ulysseNL

    I have to totally agree with you on this one. ive been with powerVPS for a few months now and they have been perfect. i was webfusion shared hosting and then moved up to there vps and i have to say they was terrible and still are from what i heard. i was about worried at first trying a different company as we know there are a lot of kiddy hosts out there today. so i decided to go with powerVPS not just for the prices but there specs was good as well. upto date i have submitted about 3 tickets tops and all have been replyed to within 10 minutes. and i only submitted these tickets to enquire about some products.

    So i have to give them 9.8/10 as no one is perfect


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    Good review

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    When I was with them, their support was fast, but sometimes offhand.
    Great network, good community spirit.
    Machines often slowed down substantially when VPSs were backing up.

    Their prices are starting to look uncompetetive now though - plenty of providers offering the same (or more) for a lot less.
    Basic 256M plan is borderline sufficient with Cpanel IMO, and $84.50 for next plan up is into dedicated server territory prices.

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    good one. its clear PVPS is #1

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    Hi, I have few questions to ulysseNL and others who use PowerVPS :

    1. What is the average time for support response? Do you have support 24hours a day?

    2. How does speed looks like (compares to in GHz)?

    3. How many hours a month typically your VPS is down due to their error?

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    1) you get reply in 10 min.
    2) speed is good, CPUs shared equally.
    3) maximum 2 hours I think. never see downtime onceI am using them.

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    Thanks for that review! It really helps us.

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    great review, i'm going to be looking at this.

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    Thanks for posting a review. I'm shopping for a VPS and I'm also considering PowerVPS.

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    interesting update:

    since I posted my original review on PowerVPS, I researched for an alternative vps host.

    in expanding operations, I was planning to get an additional vps account but, for hosting-dispersion purposes, this should not be with PowerVPS, my original host (i.e. do not put all your eggs in the same basket, remember?).

    my requirements: basic:
    - very good uptime
    - very good traceroute (essential: minimum number of hops, mainly from US locations, but also globally)
    - very positive support / management attitude
    - very good support time-response

    in this process, I actually established (in sequence) *and dropped* no fewer than three new vps accounts in 10 days' time: 2 at top-rated hosts and (in desperation) one at a lower-class host.

    experience: *t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e*

    to make a long story short:
    in the end I found that my best course of action, for the time being, would be to order an additional vps account from PowerVPS - which I did, taking care to obtain IP addresses fundamentally different to those of my initial vps, and a different node.

    a very "sad" story in a way, because I should be able to disperse my hosting without issue and get equally good service elsewhere, but the current state of affairs in this industry is such that even this basic requirement cannot be met.


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