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    * BIG project

    Hi im new to this board (for post). Sorry my bad english.

    I was doing websites for lot of years and i did a few personals sites. Now that i have more experience i want to go for the next step. I'm creating a social networking website and i'm looking for info about how create it, costs, revenues, etc.

    I was reading lot of posts about my questions but i have a lot of questions aswell. Please let me know if you know to answer one.

    can i adquire the worst cpu/mem dedicated server with best bandwitch/speed only for downloads or a need good cpu/mem?
    is it better look for servers in diferent countries for speed up the downloads?

    if i start with load balancing server what happens with php sessions and files?
    is it like one hd and one cpu?
    is there different HDs with same files that must to been copied everytime?
    if there is only a "root" server how about HD limit speed?
    what about mysql? the same database is queried transparently from different servers? I must to create the struct for diferent databases in diferent machines? (i think it will be slower)

    why youtube have lots of dns names for the diferent files?
    are them as that because IE have a two files per dns limit download or because are in true diferent servers?
    why dont use clusters?

    whats the best way for an huge site?
    create lot of dns domains for css, javascript, images, etc for speedy download?
    create lot of html cached files for free php load?
    let the work for load balancing and sys admins?
    buy a rackspace server for processing and cheaper servers for files or akamai ones?
    look for hardware load balancers or install software ones?

    What hosting services can handle a site like HI5?
    I think that HI5 have his own pipes but i think can be more expensive (IPs, sys admins, fire detectors, cleaning services, premises bussines, pipes, servers, light....)
    Its not cheaper a co-location service?
    Does any bussines sell and co-locate hardware?

    Anybody know sys admin services for fully managed servers with spanish callcenter?

    How many users can handle a 100mbps line?
    Is this problem solved too with load balancing?

    Does load balancing create a virtual endless server that can be used like one?

    Many thanks for all forum

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    Err, since no one answer, maybe I should just give you some references:

    How do large Web sites handle the load of millions of visitors a day?

    How Domain Name Servers Work

    How Digg Works

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    I must to copy and refresh the site into different servers? is it not posible without doing that huge refresh loads?

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    Refresh? Where did you read this from? I didn't go through the articles I sent you but maybe you want to quote the specific paragraph here that mentioned anything on refresh?

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    nobody anywhere. i tell refresh but i want to tell hd copies. I want to know if i use more than one server to serve a web i need to copy the same content to the diferent servers creating a time lapse wait more than proxy caches in refresh the content. 5 mins time lapse 10 mins time lapse

    and huge load in disks

    i dont want that. i'm looking and trying to understand the load balancing and clusters behavior.

    I'm webdesigner. i need to code my site diferent when the visits grow so much to not been supported by one server?

    thats my essential question

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    Sorry, had to rush. Some quick point:

    What I did from my last company is that, we had a main web server, and this main web server will be the one pushing new updated content or pages to 4 other staging server while load balancing will direct traffic to either staging 1-4 depending on the load on each staging server.

    So in simple words, yes, each server carries the same content pages in its own individual HD.

    EDIT: Caching is one of the way to optimize performance.
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