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    Newsletter Solution

    I am looking for a newsletter solution for my company. I have seen so many online sollutions like (intellicontact, constantcontact, etc). Do you have experience with any of them as I am really getting confused and need to send newsletters ASAP... ;-)
    It needs to be easy to manage and userfriendly so any of our secretaries to use it!
    Thanks in advance
    George the Greek

    P.s I am HOSTGATOR client by the way and very happy with their Services & Support!
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    EL Greco

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    There are plenty of easy to use PHP based newsletter scripts out there. It sounds like that is what you need. If it is for your website, then it would be better to purchase a script than use a 3rd party hosted solution.

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    if you aren't planning on sending thousands of emails out phplist is a great solution
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    Do you Reccomend any 3rd party scripts for my websites in Hostgator? PHPLIST is really complicated for me to use>..
    EL Greco

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