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    anybody tried hosting-ie

    Hi ,

    i was looking at these server at hosting-ie , dedicated ones

    however there is no test ip or the location of data center etc.., let me know if anyone using this box, how much bandwidth you are able to use.

    also let me know if you guys seen any 100mbps guaranteed speed for US clients at $300-500 budget

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    very dishonest company

    support is nonexistent for even proper setup when they deliver a server. Dishonest in support tickets 2-3 different answers to the same asked questions.

    Took a month to get a server from them and was told by support 8-8 days then 1-2 days then a week after that I finally got the server and it was setup wrong

    Took another week to get it fixed.

    you have to pay for reboots unless you pay a monthly managements fee, however they wouldn't answer direct questions about what the cost of a reboot might be.

    Very dishonet and evasive in every support ticket.

    Stay away

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    hello Krazy

    I'm using it for torrent
    and here is my speed log:

    and that on VDS server even not an dedic box
    dedic boxes as I haired are about 3 times faster.

    The only disadvantage is that they are slow on setup
    it took 1 week to set my one
    and support depends to level of support you'll purchase

    but i believe it is worthed
    I have about 3-5 Tb traffic per month and it is ok
    just slow down on the end of the month.



    I believe you need to have a look to terms and
    here to prices

    That is amassing for me, how people pays for service without having a got look to terms and prices.

    to me it looks stupid Man, top stupid.

    if you are god enough to have self managed server then manage it
    if you aren't then pay for it.

    That Service is really good ones, One of the best at the moment, but you need to know what you are ordering before you pay!


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    Quote Originally Posted by marcucio View Post
    and that on VDS server even not an dedic box
    dedic boxes as I haired are about 3 times faster.
    100mbps = 100mbps.

    Also, I hope your software is legal

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    100mbps = 100mbps.

    Also, I hope your software is legal
    torrent is freeware )

    I'm not keeping it always like that , I'm just showing the max speed can have.

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    I did read the terms

    I am fully capable of managing a server.

    here is there terms

    24/7 Emergency Procedures for Level 5 & Subscribers

    For all services modified by the client or not installed by Hosting-ie's team, detailed emergency procedure must be provided for each monitored service. Emergency procedures to restart unsupported softwares and services can be provided. In the case of the failure of an unsupported service, our team will only intent to RESTART the unsupported service with the provided emergency procedure. In the case that the restart procedure would fail, you will be contacted to follow up and fix the issue with the unsupported software.

    does this state that reboots are not included ?

    I was told by Max ( the only name on any email ) that reboots were free to fix hardware problems. others are not free.

    What hind of reboot will fix a hardware problem?

    I sure hope if there was a hardware problem they would do more than reboot it.

    Glad you have good luck.

    The truth is this provider is dishonest and misleading.

    They are nothing but poor at best.

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    I never paid for reboot with them
    and never seen some one writing some like that about them,
    that is strange,
    you probably piss some badly man.

    I had some trouble ones and had to pay for 15 min of remote hand which is minimal with them, paid 15 euro
    comparing to other companies believe me that is fear enough having in mind all other pluses of server, speed and traffic.

    have a look to the same term it never says all that is free of charge
    for services and managment you need to have a look to
    Click to "+ View additional work time rates"

    In my experience they do some expensive stuff for free unlike other providers but you need to know how to ask


    You chiki boy )))

    the terms you wrote here are from the terms of Level 5 support )))
    from here :

    "24/7 Emergency Procedures for Level 5 Subscribers"

    which costs €149 per month ))))))))

    You chiki boy

    that's why probably they piss you off Man ))

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    don't know what a chiki boy is??

    you can read what you want into the terms they are not clear.

    it says level 5 + subscribers

    it also lists 24/7 support as part of level 1

    it doesn't matter anyways they are simply dishonest hosting period.

    Glad you like them, doesn't say much for you ! If you want a good hosting company to try PM me and ill link you to one that will show you how a real hosting company is run.

    New developments to this they are now threatening me with legal action for posting to threads here and elsewhere.

    Of course they can't even spell correctly and their responses are very poorly written. This is from their legal department where you would think they at least would have a high school education

    What a looser company
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    hi m8

    yes sure do you know any better company?
    with unlim speed like that one, I'll be glad to get better one, I don't care, I'm always ready to go for the best for the cheapest price )

    I hear that they did charge some lads for some cases in US, Canada, and Germany.
    SO if they treat you i would be bit more carefully Man, they are the ones who really does it and have an benefit from there, so spell check wouldn't help unless your profile is not correct in the file as I always do for any case))


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