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    [takeover] linux dedicated server, 10mbit dedicated 90$

    Pentium 4 3.0Ghz w/HTT
    80GB SATA II Hard Drive
    600GB Bandwidth
    512MB Ram
    10MBPS Premium Connection
    2 DDoS Protected IP's is full stecs, i just bought this from selectbyte and its a linux server, thinking i could get everthing setup and that is quite possibly the most complicated thing i have ever used

    i payed 89.99$ for it, no setupfee and i used about 1gb of bandwith and thats it thanks..

    also if you need to contact me, aim me @ sonid2 i will be on for a few more hours thanks...

    also if some one could buy tonight or tomorrow ill sell for 70$ i really need to get rid of this ASAP
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    Read this posters other threads today. At the same time that he is trying to sell this box he is attempting to get a refund for it. If he is successful as he is trying a paypal dispute whoever buys this will find themselves out of pocket.
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    i thought was dodgy andd so should anyone else when it clearly states two difent amounts of bandwith in topic it states 10mb dedicated yet it only has 600gb
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    ok i forgot about this topic, you can close this seeing as i got my refund.
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