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    DNS, security, and apache questions from a VPS newbie

    Hello everybody,
    I'm very new to VPS, and I had a few questions about some software I'm using. In case my hosting info is relavent, I'm running this off of a Xen VPS with 256 megs of RAM running Ubuntu 6.06.

    - The registrar I have my domains with offers a DNS service (which is wonderful, as BIND is a mystery to me right now). I'm not completely sure if I have it set up right, but it is working. Here's the config:

    @ - my.ip.address - A Name
    www - my.ip.address - A Name

    I'm guessing that the www record needs to be a C name, but that's a complete assumption. I'm with namecheap, if anyone has any experience with this.

    - As far as basic security is concerned, I've disabled direct root login into ssh and installed chrootkit. I'm also working on getting mod_security working with apache. Should this be enough? I'm not hosting other people, just my own sites.

    - For FTP, I'm using pureftpd. As I said, I'm the only one on the VPS, but I'd like to confine logins my home directory. I've tried using google to find the docs describing how to do this, but I haven't had any luck.

    - I'm also looking for an email server that I can use that's lightweight and only sends mail (for use in PHP scripts), I have my email accounts elsewhere and thought it would be one less thing to bog down performance. Has anyone come across a piece of software like this?

    - I've also heard people say that it's much more efficient for memory sake to run Apache 1.x instead of 2.x. DOes anyone have any experience with this? I can't seem to find the 1.x versions in the Ubuntu repository, but can compile it myself if the performance will be noticeable.

    - As far as performance is concerned, I'm running Apache 2.x, PHP5, mySQL5, and pureftpd. Should this 'fit' very well inside my alloted RAM?

    Thanks in advance for the help. This has certainly been a good learning experience.

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    Hey I highly suggest install a control panel, you will need not to worry, Get a free one from servercp is free for a single login use and is very low resource consuming. Since you are on Xen so you do have a swap, atleast 256 MB so either you dont have to worry about anything.

    www records can be A records or Cname records, But by default its A record as an IP number.
    Sorry i dont understand what problem u facing in pureftp, Start the service and you can easily use.
    You can easily check how much RAM is being utilised, I do not think its any problem running the config you have written.

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    Thanks for the reply D'Godown

    I'm not really having a problem with pureftpd, but I'd like the ftp user to not be able to access files beyond their home directory.

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    Normally, if the FTP user can see the files under his home folder only. are you seeing any exceptions on your server?
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    Yeah, I can move out of my home directory and see files in other directories. As I said, I'm the only one using it, but I'd feel better if it was a bit more secure.

    I've been looking through the pureftpd docs, but can't find a way to limit a user to the home directory.

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    Try adding the line

    ChrootEveryone yes

    in /etc/pure-ftpd.conf , then restart FTP service and check the same again.
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