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    Ticked off at Virpus - venting

    I signed up for a Virpus VPS account Friday evening and as of Sunday night it is still NOT ready to go. This is supposed to be a fully managed VPS and they are telling me that I have to make changes to the server? On sunday the server DNS was not ready to go. After emailing tech support they emailed back with the mesage below -

    "You will need to add A records for ns1 and ns2 in the above domain's zone file (in the hosting server whereever its pointing to now) and also register the same at the registrar end."

    Now remember, when I signed up the sales person told me that this is supposed to be a fully managed VPS.

    NONE of my domains have been transferred from my current hosting provider - 3 days AFTER signing up with a Virpus VPS.

    Nothing is working - and I am a very unhappy customer!!

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    Kev regarding the part where they said " also register the same at the registrar end." you have to login to your control panel (domain control panel) and setup the ips for the ns1 and ns2 to what they have provided you with. If you have whm you would first need to assign ips to the nameservers. Its kinda easy but if its fully managed than yes they ought to do this for yaa.

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    Just for clearification, the VPS was ready the same day customer ordered. He is referring to things he requested us to do on the VPS. One of the requests included moving a rather large website (2GB), which we asked the customer to ask the host to generate a backup, as it would be quicker to do the transfer, which he said he would take care of the transfer in that case, so I do not know why the customer is blaiming us for his sites not being transferred to his VPS. (note: we also advised that he got stuck anywhere or needed any assistance, just to ask and we would be more than happy to help)

    We do provide fully managed services per our website. As I stated in our live session, if you want us to do the task, then just let us know and we will, as minor things, such as adding an A record we just advise the customer of it, and if you want it done by us, we will gladly do it; we have no problems with it, as it's simple enough.

    Additionally, regarding the DNS.. of course the DNS server was ready the same day he got the VPS, as it is included with the control panel that he selected, however the customer did not understand that he needed to register the name servers with his registar, which it took three times to ask him for his login information to his registar so we could do it for him which after we got it, we immediately got his sites propagated.
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    You obviously don't realise how DNS works. Blaming your VPS host for your own incompetence is childish.
    The account you have with your domain registrar is nothing to do with Virpus, and I wouldn't even expect a managed service to be expected to change where your domain nameservers are pointing to (which in any case, they can't do without your registrar login details)

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    Virpus is one of the best VPS host around. I sent them over 30 support tickets within 1 month as I was relatively new to the VPS world, and they solve all of them! Fast support and response time. Good after-sales service as well.

    If you dont know anything, just pop a ticket. I'm sure Kenneth and the Support team will get to you asap.

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    "You will need to add A records for ns1 and ns2 in the above domain's zone file (in the hosting server whereever its pointing to now) and also register the same at the registrar end."
    Sorry, but your host is not responsible for changes at your registrar.
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