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    [For Hire]Article/Tutorial/post freelancing


    I'd like to offer my services as a article or tutorial author. I provide original articles for each thing. Topics I'd be better suited at is technology related.

    ie. Setting up cPanel, game servers, maybe some programming type tutorials, etc.

    Pay would have to be via paypal

    Rate will depend on budget, and stuff you need.

    I am also willing to write posts for $.

    $10/20 posts

    I prefer payment up front, or I'll accept half now half later.

    Please PM me, or add me to msn at:
    carl (at)

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    I realize my price for posts is a little high. I'll charge $10 for 50 posts, same deal for payment, half now, half later

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    I would like to have a chat with you. Mind emailing me at << removed >>

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    Email sent

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