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    Best Registrar Interface?

    I was going to hijack another thread, but I thought it might be better to post fresh at the risk of people yelling, "read the 'rock solid' or 'cheapest' thread!"

    I'm a Realtor and as a marketing tool I need to register a bunch of temporary domain names that I use for two or three months and then let expire. I was using Namesecure to register names and point them to my account hosted at Godaddy, but with their decision to stop providing free email forwarding, I'm looking elsewhere.

    Which registrars can meet the following (listed in order of importance)

    1. Easy to use interface
    2. Under $10 per name (doesn't need to be cheapest and will go up to "under $15" if the site is really good)
    2.5 Site keeps me updated about soon to expire names
    3. Free [email protected] email forwarding
    3b. URL masking

    Eh, who am I kidding, all of the above are equally important. The thing I liked about Namesecure was that I could get a domain name and have it set up and pointed to my hosting account in 5 minutes. It was incredibly easy to use, the account manager clearly listed all the names registered and when they expired, and I received emails every few months warning of upcoming expirations.

    I would just use Godaddy, but their user controls are horrible. I wouldn't know if I was coming or going after registering three or more names.

    Also, while looking around I noticed the "software and control panel" forum. Does it sound like a control panel would help me, or is that for something else (like resellers)?


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    try namecheap, or get a sub account on enom from trusted ETP.
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    I agree with Liandra. An alternative to these 2 would be DomainSite.
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    this is my recommendation (two)
    1) have your own site and put your listings there... gives you better visibility down the road... build your library as you go and acheivments. (save money on buying domains.
    2) Go with (my recommendation) and then get an account with a webhost where you can host unlimited domains under one account. this way you have total control.
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