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    * Happy feet the movie

    AUSTRALIAN director George Miller and his troupe of fluffy tap-dancing penguins have topped the North American box office, knocking off James Bond and sending Borat back to Kazakhstan.

    Miller's animated musical comedy, Happy Feet, earned an impressive $US42.3 million ($55.13 million) at US and Canadian cinemas at the weekend to claim the number one spot.

    The coveted first place is a triumph for Miller and the Australian film industry. Happy Feet, made for a reported $US100 million ($130.34 million), is the first full-length animated feature film produced in Australia.
    Continued here.

    Looks hilarious, if you're into singing penguins and all. Can't wait to take the kids to see this. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    At my local theatre a lot of children were mad because if you were not in the Casino Royale line, you couldn't get into the building. It was like a giant mob that entirely filled up the theatre lobby, so people couldn't make their way to any other movie screen except the new James Bond movie. I do want to go see Happy Feet next weekend though. However, I couldn't miss Casino Royale on opening night.

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