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    * Cheapest SHOUTcast Around, by Far!

    Hi, I have the cheapest shoutcasts on the net, I am pretty sure of that. All plans have 128kbps----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$5/ month 50 listener---------------------------------------------------------------------------$10/ month 100 listener--------------------------------------------------------------------------$15/ month 150 listener--------------------------------------------------------------------------$20/ month 200listener-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For a demo of these servers, or sales please contact [email protected] have several happy customers already,Hecky
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    Who is your bandwidth provider? Is it Europe bandwidth or U.S?

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    Hi, and thanks for your interest.

    We have moved / are moving servers since this thread was posted. Meaning that we are on faster, better servers. We have our own servers from a 1and1 branch. They are in london

    Server Specs

    Dual 2.2Ghz
    4 GB RAM
    100 MB/sec

    We will be hosting some there and some on a server elsewhere.

    (PS. Sorry for lateness of this post, I wrote it and forgot to press send!)


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