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    * Henchmann Looking For Marketting Partner


    Henchmann Technologies is spreading out its wings - Yes! we are growing and we are looking at dynamic people / companies who will help us grow and in turn, we are offering you a chance to fatten up your pockets too!!! If this interests you, read on -

    We are a technology outsource provider who help hosting companies support thier customers and servers (both Windows and Linux). We are on the lookout for new clients who would like to have thier helpdesk and server management outsourced. If you know of any and if you could let us know thier contact details (or better help them sign up with us), we would be willing to pay you an incentive. And guess what, every month they pay, you get paid too, as long as they are on contract with us.

    Ideal person / company - Anybody, who can represent our company and get us clients. Freelancers are welcome too.

    Express interest by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]

    Looking forward to an enduring partnerships - after all, growth is powered by partnerships!
    Live Your DreamZ

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    Hm. Very odd, seems that i can't access the website. Maybe a website provider is needed ?
    Patrick Buckner

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    Hmm... Now it is up. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    FYI: Seems to be hosting provider had some issues.
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