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    Dedicated Hosts Questions (Need to launch our site now!)

    After 8 months of work and programming, my friend and I have finally finished our website for launch.

    We were supposed tp launch our website on saturday. We opted for a cheap web hosting solution with jodohosts, however, after testing over the weekend, they cannot support what we need.

    I looked into all other webhosts, but they are either do not support asp, mysql 5.0, or sub domains.

    I'm estimating for the first month, we will need about 40-80 gigs of bandwidth and about 40 GIG hard drive space. After the 1st month, we will plan and upgrade as we go.

    I just started looking into dedicated hosting solutions. Do they install MYSQL for you? Or do we have to install it ourselves? That's basically the only 3rd party program native to the OS we need.

    If we do have to install MYSQL ourselves, how in the world can we do this remotely? (I'm thinking remote desktop in windows 2003 server).

    If we opt for a windows 2003 server, I guess we wouldn't need a CP as we can manually configure everything via remote desktop?

    Or does anyone recommend us to use something like a VPS instead (I have no clue how VPSs work and would have no clue how to set up stuff on a vps etc)

    Our website requires:

    -MYSQL 5.0
    -MYSQL ODBC Connector compatible with MYSQL 5.0
    -Windows 2003 Server with IIS and DNS
    -Ability to change write and share permissions of 1 folder in IIS
    -Some sort of web statistics program to see how many hits we get per page

    Our starting Budget is:

    50-100 dollars a month

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    [quote=alemcherry]The best choice for you, is a VPS. Should cost you around 40$-75$ monthly.
    Since you are looking for a Win2k3 server, you will get terminal access as well. Most probably, they will setup IIS and other standard stuff for you. You may have to install MySQL and others yourself, or pay them or someone else for that. But on windows, with terminal access- its just a few clicks. i dont expect you to have any problem installing the softwares on windows.

    A VPS is 99% like a dedicated server. You will get root/admin access and full control of your server. You need not know much about the underlying technology - its as good as a dedicated server as far as control and administration are concerned.

    this must help:
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    However, doesn't a cheap dedicated server also cost around 40-100 dollars a month?

    What I read of wikipedia that for a VPS, you are also "sharing" that box with a user. Since I have to turn on share permissions, I'm afraid others on that box can access my files.

    I guess I won't need a control panel as I can use terminal services to remotely install stuff? I know how to install and setup DNS and mySQL manually.
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