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    Windows XP 64-bit Pro

    I recently bought a dual 64 bit processor and was wondering what are the benefits of me switching to the Windows 64 bit operating system. I am struggling to see what the advantages are of doing this apart from being able to put more than 4 GB of memory into the computer, and I only have 2 and am not planning to upgrade in the near future.

    Apart from the extra RAM, is there any advantages?

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    Looks like other than the RAM there aren't many!

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    --there any advantages?--

    I've heard security....

    But the issue with 64 bit, is it is not here, yet. They are slowly putting everything in place, but many companies simply do not have their products ready for 64 bit. This also includes MS... some things work great, other things don't work. Or I should say some of the older titles don't work. Once companies get a generation or two into titles that work, I'm sure 32 bit will ride into the sunset.

    Even Vista will be shipped in 32 bit... although, you can upgrade to 64 bit, if you like. 64 bit is not being pushed....
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    performans boost should be noticed. One of the problems I have run into was printer drivers... Depending on what you do with the computer, if your most used apps use 64bit builds then you should upgrade IMHO
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    theres security and performance eventually and also soon every application will be a 64bit program just like the 32bit currently

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    atlast i got the info.... good work guys.......

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    More utilisation of your CPU (better performance).

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    IF you are running f.e MYSQL (database) then you should realize a significant performance boost. At least that was claimed by many benchmark tests on Linux and I do believe it should be similar on Windows. had a report on it, skip the german text and just view the images. They might even have an english version on

    AMD vs Intel:

    Heck, I just realised I assumed we are talking AMD. Is this the case ?

    Do the above links help or are we even talking Opteron?
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