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    Which would you suggest?

    Alright I've been server shopping non-stop for 5 days straight and I just can't decide what to get. I am running a file hosting site (see link in sig) and on my MRTG graphs I constanly approach the Max kb limit for the day. I knew I was going to need more servers so I am prepared to buy; I just don't know which deal to take! My budget is limited but I need to do what's best for the company. Here are the two options:

    Dual Xeon 2 x 2,8 GhZ
    2048 MB RAM
    2 x 160 GB HDD SATA
    first month 1 $ / 1 Euro | start 2nd month 169 $

    Server located @

    Intel P4 3.0 Ghz HT
    80GB HD
    10mbit Unmetered Connection
    1GB RAM

    Server located @

    Any reviews on support/BANDWIDTH (how much can each handle)/quality would be helpful.

    Thank you.
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    Anyone? Bueller?
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    Well, in terms of specs the Xeon definitely looks a lot better. You don't mention the bandwidth with that one though. I'd do a search and look at what other people have to say about those providers, as that will probably be your primary influence when choosing. You can have great hardware, but without a decent provider and network to back it up, you have nothing.
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    Thank you the advice. The bandwidth for 1paket is unmetered (but they only have 2 gigabit network)
    Former owner of 275mb, DKMHosting, and Easy-Upload

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    One thing about 49pence, they seem to be closed for support on the weekends. I can't find anyone to contact about purchasing a server.
    Former owner of 275mb, DKMHosting, and Easy-Upload

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