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    Industry article on Yahoo

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    EDS is a cutthroat player, it makes me uncomfortable to see them in webhosting. Is Ross Perot still in charge?

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    Heaven help you if you're a small (Web hosting) business and you're looking for money
    Pfft.. I think the trouble with the big end of town is they keep trying to do everything themselves. A look across this forums shows hundreds of small webhosts growing each day. They do it be starting with realistic expectations, a lower startup cost and grow their business with their own funds instead of investing millions on a pipedream.

    Big business seems to think Verio etc, are the only game in town and try to compete on their playing ground off the bat. No wonder they end up with a handful of thin air and vast rooms good for little more than playing nerf-ball in.

    There's millions sunk into these ventures and many never show a single brass monkey of real return while Joe Public starts small and is making real profit in a few months. In my eyes they can say all their want about 'projected profits', but if they go belly-up before this nirvana is reached then all the spin in the world won't exclude that fact.

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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