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    Hosting business in small countrey.

    In my countrey hosting is really expensive.

    First company:
    -500mb space, 15GB bandwidth - 50$/month (20$% cheaper if you take it for one year)
    Second company:
    -Apache, 2gb space, 60GB bandwidth - 30$/month (50% cheaper if you take it for one year)

    There are also other companies but they are even more expensive.

    Of course everyone can order hosting from other countries, but I'm sure they will more likely order one from their countrey (more simple payment, no need to understand english)

    So would be starting small hosting company here good idea? I don't know a lot about hosting business, but if there is good money in it I'm ready to learn.

    I was thinking about renting few Europe servers and resell them in my countrey.

    What do you think?

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    If you're still starting out I'd recommend you start with a reseller package, unless you're willing to go for a managed server
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    Normally , you can get a niche in a small country, sell locally, it is often better than to compete against the giant USA companies. Bandwidth and colo space may be much more expensive, but you can charge much higher in return.

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    Think about what those companies are offering - if they're local, do they provide any services where they actually go to meeting the customer like IT consulting? Is their datacenter located in the same country? Are they providing web design services as well?

    There are a lot of points to consider because I doubt that it's simply hosting alone that they are getting from these two companies.
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    can you please post which country we are talking about ?

    That would perhaps allow anybody to understand which other countries "might" be an option for you and your customers.
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    Thanks for your answers.

    First company also offers domain registration and the second one just hosting.

    I think servers of these company are located in the same countrey, but probably this wouldn't be a big problem if I'd have servers in neigbour countrey (if I would decide to take reseller hosting).

    I'm talking about small Europian countrey (few millions residents) .

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    Ok I was searching a little and found ressellerzoom resseller hosting.
    It costs $60 / month for 12GB/180GB

    So if I want to get $120 from it (or how much should I earn) I can sell
    12x 1GB/15GB for $10/month.

    Hmm.. that's not good price. Hostgator sell 3x more for $7/month.

    Where is the secret?

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    its not that easy..... we think and its done.....

    if the company gets everything cheap.... they willl give you cheap.......

    no company likes.... customer shdlnt come to there doorstep...

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    Blabla11, we are a hosting company setup in one small country in Europe also. We provide web hosting using the best providers (rackspace) and technology (HSPcomplete, Virtuozzo, Plesk), we also do very good marketing using Google adwords, in fact we appear Nr1 for "key" keywords in our country. We might be interested in a partnership with you in your country.

    If interested please PM me.

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    I would also like you to send me pm to discuss partnership opportunites. But I can think that if there is a NEED in webhosting business in your country, its residents can search for a hosting provider on a global market...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanber
    I would also like you to send me pm to discuss partnership opportunites. But I can think that if there is a NEED in webhosting business in your country, its residents can search for a hosting provider on a global market...
    If there is a need for cheaper hosting in a country it's true a lot of people will just buy from companies in the USA or where ever. But it makes it a lot easier to gain clients within the country. The simple reason being that as a local company you will work on the same banking system so payments will be a lot easier for clients who don't have credit cards etc.

    People in USA or other big countries might not know of all the payment issues that some people have because everyone has easy access to credit cards and the people are generally more informed about payment. The US market for online shops is much bigger than a lot of countries and the sales over internet is much more. This makes buying things over the internet a normal thing, nothing really special.

    In some of the smaller countries few people have access to credit cards or prefer to do EFT's. This makes the market for a local hosting provider much greater as it would be more easily accessable to the clients of the country. So if you start a local company with very good prices that and the company is sustainable in the long run, then you would be very successful in the small country.
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