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    * Invoices

    Does anybody send out invoices for hosting or services?

    I recently got an invoice from last year and a declaration that my domain name was due for payment in 2 weeks.

    It came to me to think:
    Is a PDF enough?
    Should I make it an option?
    Should it be for large payments only?

    What I concluded was to only send out invoices to businesses as of TAX purposes?

    What's your say!!!
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    Send out invoices for all of the business you do, so you can keep record of all your sales.

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    Yes, we do send out invoices for everything. Some customers need them (taxes, for instance), and this way they're easy to print out. We also put them in the control panel, so clients can pull up any invoice ever associated with their account at any time.
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    The idea of putting invoices in the control panel sounds awesome. In general, most basic shared hosting customers will never need more than e-mail messages or a phone call saying their bill is due, but you can bet that it WILL come up eventually, so at the very least you should make sure you have records good enough to provide an invoice when it's requested.

    If you make it clear that it's easy to get that information from you (and all of the ways you make it available), that could help you get new customers that often need to send a receipt to get reimbursed for payments they make.

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