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    Question Email from Verisign, or is it??

    Any body else had this email from Verisign.

    It relates to a domain of mine that is registered at and DNSed by NetSol.

    Here it is.

    In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we are
    sending you this account notification.

    Dear VeriSign(r) Customer,

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- ICANN --
    mandates that registrars require their registrants to correct and
    update their account information during the term of their domain
    name registration. ICANN is the non-profit corporation responsible
    for accrediting domain name registrars.

    We are asking you, on behalf of VeriSign's ICANN accredited registrar,
    to verify, and if necessary, update your VeriSign customer account
    records in the Manage Account section of our Web site at:
    It then goes on to give a web address with this at its start, which happens to redirect to an email marketting website.

    It has a load of /GHTFR/765HNGM/ etc.. after it.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Best Regards,

    VeriSign Customer Support



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    I have received it as well, plus I received it from
    Reseller Accounts and Dedicated Servers

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    I believe they have been shut down now

    This and others like it are hoaxes. Do not respond ever to such as these.

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    Interesting ...

    The emails I received do not redirect to another website, they link to the management pages within Verisign.

    Reseller Accounts and Dedicated Servers

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    We've heard this report as well.

    It appears that Verisign did send out some of these, and that someone else is sending them out as well - using the Verisign email with a new URL.

    If you go to a non-Network Solutions page and enter your account information, you will likely be giving away your domain management information.

    Be very careful.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    I also got this. I ignored it.
    Sam Weber

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    Post the message source, see what mail servers it went through.

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    weird because the part whois says its a NetSol domain, I thought anything before that would be a sub domain controlled by the main domain.

    Thanks for the replies guys, I figured it was a hoax, anyone who wants confirmation of info already supplied is pulling a fast one.

    Jeeze the domain name circus really does pull out some imaginative scammers, hehe..


    PS I`m running from NetSol and Verisign as fast as I can, they sent me a domain name has expired notice 2 weeks before its due date that was printed just below hehe another scam, moving everything to enom.


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    NetWorkSolutions aka VeriSign is now being sued by GoDaddy and BulkRegister for that eMail practice - and I personaly will not host any more NetWorkSoultions domains till their webmasters transfer to a smarter and cheeper registrar.

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