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    Attachmax Dolphin v2.01 | Most Featured Video Script on market

    Script Name: Attachmax Dolphin v2.01

    Here is a demo of the Script

    Administration Demo
    Username: admin

    Installation Demo
    Displayed here is all of the information and features regarding the script.

    Server Dependencies are
    Httpd, Mysql, Php GD-with jpeg, png support
    FFMpeg for Video Support (To Stream Videos)
    Mod Rewrite for Short Url Support (Can work with long urls)
    Php Patching for Advanced Progress Meter ( Script can work with animated Progress Meter)

    Buy Now for $40 or lifetime license for $80
    this covers free upgrades for 1 year.
    - Free Installation with all Server Dependencies

    Payment Options available are - paypal, egold, Direct Debit and 2co via

    Post your questions here or send me an email via
    - [email protected]

    Best Demo site
    Lots of others, but none that are original in term of design, but its a new script
    So I'm sure there will be many others soon.

    Messenger - aol - insomoz | yim - nslvic | msn - [email protected]


    - Separated Code from Html to Attachmax to enable easier design changes
    - Added Cleaner Titles for all pages
    - Refactored admin.php, advertise.php, dl.php, upload.php and register.php
    - Allowing Youtube Videos and flv to be played without ffmpeg.
    - Change bandwidth calculation from access_log parsing to d.php calculations
    - Replace "grabme" title with correct SITE_NAME.
    - Make package install as non root
    - Added Link to Registered users with Login Details
    - Added option to disable 2co if not used
    - Added Cron to convert wmv into Flash Format
    - Change default ffmpeg path to /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg for installation script
    - Enabled admin to changed ffmpeg path
    - Improved Installation setup, giving more relevant information
    - Removed unnecessary Code
    - Removed many unnecessary Files
    - Removed unused time limit for storing files on the server

    Bugs Fixed
    - Fixed bug that would lock out user with incorrect Slave installation
    - Fixed bug that didnít delete files from hard Disk after being deleting from Admin Panel
    - Fixed bug with DOMAIN constant, remove possible starting "http://" at payment_system_settings.php.
    - Removal of broken direct download link and to display Page link instead.
    - Upload via url Bug Fixed and Improved

    - Security issue, replace remote include with touch_url
    - Removed Unnecessary storage "Recipient Email" to database
    - Admin password stored in clean mode and hashed, also not stored in session.(better security)
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    hi this is in the wrong section sorry, can admins please move
    Video Script -

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    Cool script.

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    Will this script automatically make the thumbnails or will i have to manually make and upload them
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    i just bought this script yesterday. TIFF yes it will make the thumbs for you IF and only IF your sever has the FFMPEG module.

    I would highly suggest taking a closer look at the script before you buy it. It is calling itself a "youtube" clone but it is not. It is missing sereral funtions like group and rate. The biggest downfall of the script is that a user cannot simply go in and upload a file. It is ment to "email" it to someone. Basically the way it works is look at the demo and see the "upload" you put in the url to the content (or local path on pc) and have to include a email to send the file too. Its more of a free service for files then any type of community script. I am looking else where today. Dont waste your money like me :/

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    I have given Shane a refund on his purchase, its correct you will need a dedicated Server and ffmpeg installed and we do have planned Member and Rating Features. We really needed the cash as we have alot of costs like Service Admins, Programmers, but what can you do.

    However we do have planned a shared Hosting Solution, we have two ideas to cover this. One will be released within a week.

    I recommend buying now, to build up your site videos, and customize your template. The programmer is working on an update script, any changes you make wont be lost.

    Like this user has just done.

    We installed this for the buyer with all dependencies, and then went in and installed the script.
    The client has organised the design and it just shows what is possible with the script.

    As you can see his theme is Turkey Video Clips, and there is lots of potential to tap into niche websites.

    See here a list of featured Sites

    Any Programmers out there want to learn our script and help our cause, when we had Custom Programming requests on insom, we would receive daily 2-3 Custom Programming Jobs a day, however we are unable to take them as we have alot of work to do on attachmax, so this could be an area for some skill programmers with free time to tap into.

    Even now with no Custom Programming Requests page, we are still receiving them.
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    Video Script -

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    I purchased this & couldn't get it to work, all refund requests were refused.
    $40 USD paid.

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    My host says they do not support this script, still no help or refund from the seller.

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