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    I'm not the type to give a company a plug...

    But I've been with thePlanet, EV1 and other DataCenters.

    Today I went with
    It blew me away at how fast they setup my custom server.
    took 1.5 hours, and this is a big server at the cost of what one server cost at EV1. and I got twice the amount of bandwidth... what the heck!

    the server management control panel is so professional and user friendly, I was in shock...

    then I did a traceroute from around the globe and I hit my new server usally in under 15 hops at extreme speed. I did the same to my other server in other DCs and it was usually about 2-5 hops more outside the US and in some remote parts an extra 15... And most of the time I hit a dead spot, but not with SoftLayer...

    After the server was setup, I used to secure the server and add in my extra custom stuff... In under 2 hours they had me running.
    I keep them on the monthly plan....
    I've had 2 other management companies, both very popular, one screwed my server bad, and the other decided to stop monitoring the server cause the CC expired, so while I was out of town my server was wide open for the hacking. For 75.00 TSS is simply the best, been there over a year now, response time is usually instant if there slammed then 3-5 minutes... Everytime I'm in root before I submit the ticket, and I see them jump on the server instantly, its so cool... Tell eth00 I sent you...

    So from start to finish 3.5 hours.
    I'm so in shock, I was making money in 4 hours.
    Now that's first class service.

    not to mention this server replaced 2 servers.
    And I saved 100.00 by going to 1 server.
    And I still have 3-4x the amount of room to grow into this server...
    Checkout the dual core woodcrest.
    And by the way TotalServerSolutions saved my butt, I almost ordered the wrong configuration, they worked with me, and then SoftLayer Sale rep stayed on LIVE chat as I finished the order. To my amazement, its Saturday, the VP of Marketing is the one who guided me, found this out later...

    I just wanted to give my 2 cents, it feels good when the best take care of you...

    Thanks and
    You are the best of the best...

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    I have a couple servers at SL as well and it definatly is a great experience!!

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    SL truly has amazed many people, including me. What I find uberly funny, however, is that there servers and networks are so advanced...that a game I host back that was created in '98 does not work. However, all throughout the trial and error to get it to work with SL, the company backed me up 100%, giving me free OS reloads and the whole bunch.

    It amazes me also, how easy it is to contact the owner. He gives out his email to anyone that needs it, and he himself answers, he does not have a secretary to do it for him.

    SL truly is the bomb, sucks that I cant use it though =/

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    As mentioned many times SL is still a new company,if they hold at the same level in one year i will take a server from SL,time will show.

    Ev1 was much faster a few years ago than they are now from the point of ticket reply and the prices were lower too.
    Best Regards,

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    Got well over 60+ servers with SL. Their is no one out their who can come close to SL on price / performance ratio. Amazing service.


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    WOW prices are amazing. Where are they located?

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    You mean their servers? Seem to be in Dallas, Texas.

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    SL is in the Infomart DC in Dallas, TX

    We LOVE SoftLayer. We've been with them from the start earlier this year and have zero complaints!

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    Agreed SL compare to LT they are good. But LT low end server are good for me. SL don't offer lower end but you can dump more site on same server.
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