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    SEO Report and Submission to 200 PR+ Directories for $35

    Hello there,

    I've been researching the concept of SEO for a little while now, and thought I could help a few people out to help boost my portfolio.

    Basically, I will review three pages of your choice, and compose a report (usually atleast one page) of improvements that need to be executed, and how to go about doing them.

    I will also have your site submitted manually to 200 PR4+ directories.

    If interested, please provide me with your URL, and the URL's to the pages you would like reviewed. Please also provide me with the following details;

    Website URL:
    Website Title:
    Website Description:
    Category your site to be submitted in:
    E-Mail Address:
    Website Keywords:

    Thank you,
    Most Kindest Regards,
    Justin J. Khoury

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    What payment methods do you take?


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    Hi there,

    Paypal is currently accepted, however there will be a short delay with any incomming orders. All orders will be postponed until saturday (currently wednesday here).

    Most Kindest Regards,
    Justin J. Khoury

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