Superior Network
Server is housed in the SoftLayer datacenter, in the well-known INFOMART telecom hotel near downtown Dallas. We have 4 Tier-1 bandwidth providers: Verio, Abovenet, Savvis and Internap... More

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Why Choose VT6?
VT6 Internet offers you a rock-solid hosting platform for your websites and protects against all possible problems. Do not be caught up by cheaper companies who could lose your data! More

VT6 owns a license of IntelloDesk Pro. This is a powerful help desk solution which allows our experienced techs to provide a wealth of support to all users of our service. This includes clients of resellers too! By providing end user support we are lowering the barrier to entry into the hosting market. More

Shared Hosting
Lite (500/10) 1.00/Mo - ORDER (60PERCENT1)
Plus (2000/20) 2.00/Mo - ORDER (60PERCENT2)
Ultra (5000/30) 2.80/Mo - ORDER (60PERCENT3)

Reseller Hosting
R-Lite (1000/10) 1.40/Mo - ORDER (60PERCENT4)
R-Plus (2500/15) 2.60/Mo - ORDER (60PERCENT5)
R-Ultra (5000/30) 3.60/Mo - ORDER (60PERCENT6)

Dedicated IP - 1.50 per month
ClientExec license - 4.00 per month!! (resellers only and must be hosted on our server).

Please ask any questions you have here and we will endeavor to answer them.
We will consider any custom plans. Just state what you need and your budget!

Each coupon may be used upto 5 times and expires on the 30th of November.

MSN: james[at]