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    [Moving Sale] Forum, Domains & More : -)

    Due to an opening and a new position at the current firm I work with, I am having to re-locate and move to another city. With that, I am in the process of moving to a new apartment and in-turn, having to auction off my current projects, designs and domains as I will not have a full connection to the internet until some time after I complete the move .

    With that, the following are up for sale and open to bidding. Anyone that is interested may make their bid via this forum or contact me via Private Message here at WHT.

    Domain Names - PR5
    Traffic: ~200 Uniques/month
    Registered: NameCheap (Free Push/Transfer)

    Opening Bid: $40.00

    IMGUploadCenter - No PR
    Traffic: Unknown
    Registered: NameCheap (Free Push/Transfer)

    Opening Bid: $10.00 - No PR
    Traffic: ~200 Uniques/month
    Registered: NameCheap (Free Push/Transfer)

    Opening Bid: $12.00

    Forums/Communities - PR5
    Traffic: ~250 Uniques/month (Currently)
    Registered: NameCheap (Free Push/Transfer)

    Additionally, buyer will receive full rights to the design used at ForumSupplies and the 2 MyBB Themes available through the demo at (1 of which is currently a commercial theme).

    ForumSupplies is powered 100% by MyBB. The actual website is powered by modification to the portal that is also included with the software. It was modified to suit the needs of the website.

    Full Package Includes:

    - Complete rights to FS Design & Themes
    - ForumSupplies PSD & GIF Images
    - Enlarged Version of Flame Logo
    - Complete rights to the Flame Logo
    - Complete rights to the domain ForumSupplies
    - Aid in moving the website over to a new server**

    If you prefer to keep hosted with WireNine. This month and the next 2 months of hosting will be provided free of charge as they've already been covered.

    You will receive login information to CPanel & WHM (as this is a reseller account, so you will also be able to host additional domains if you so choose) as well.

    This is a great opportunity to own a solid domain name with traffic that is increasing month to month with little advertising (no paid campaigns) and a start on a new business venture.

    There currently are no other MyBB commercial theme dealers that I know of, so this is a great way to "break" into the market and capitalize on the idea.


    I will offer my services to aid with new designs and such once I obtain a new connection. So you may optionally contract me to create new designs relatively cheap so you can continue to provide members with new designs and concepts.

    Opening Bid: $400.00


    This is a great chance to grab a few domains cheaply and even grab a fully designed, fully functional community in a new market.

    All payments will be via PayPal or Western Union if you do not have a PayPal account. No other forms will currently be accepted.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me .

    Thanks ahead of time to any buyers! Your help is greatly appreciated as this re-location is costing me big time!

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    362 has great potential but I am showing a PR of 0 not 5.
    Host, YES!
    Reselling? Partner for profit instead!

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    is IMGUploadCenter at if so, is everything on the page included? script?

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    ForumSupplies should actually state a PR0, that is actually my fault I mis-typed the information.

    As for - the script can be transferred, though it's not been in use so there probably are not any active accounts, it's simply an inactive domain I own right now.

    Transferring the data would be very easy, however.

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