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    Bliksem Down? What a nitemare?

    Anyone experiencing bad things with Bliksem today?

    All my sites are down, my reseller account is down.

    Their support phone line it out of service.
    Their own server is down.
    Their support forum site is down?
    LiveChat is gone?

    Well I read the posts and ovbiously things are not going well with Bliksem? Is this it now have they bit the bullet and screwed us all?

    Anyone? Can anyone shed any light? Are my reseller accounts ever going to run again?

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    Yes, I am experiencing all of the above. My clients have been calling and it seems to have been out at least since noon EST.

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    Well theres a longgggggg thread in the Reseller forum here about this company.
    I would advise taking steps to move if I were you. People have been having ONgoing problems with them for quite awhile and seems nothing is getting resolved.

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    I even read on that topic:

    BliksemHost is slowly disintegrating
    and I think that's getting more and more true by the day.

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    Anyone have any luck gettingh Jav or anyone?
    Are these guys going to be able to advertise there new site here?

    Anyone having any luck?

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    Yes! Looks like I moved in the nick of time. Sorry everyone who is having problems.

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